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Rubber Decking
Safety Surface,


DreamDek bonds directly to any solid substrate material including concrete, asphalt, epoxy stone, brick, wood, steel, tarmac, chipboard and aluminum. Surface blemishes are easily filled and eliminated without jackhammers or other bothersome equipment.  


 Easy to maintain!

Rubber decking is stain resistant and cleans with normal soap and water. Should the occasion become necessary, repairs are easily accomplished by an installation specialist.

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This product provides a two-year guarantee against defective materials. You will even obtain a copy of the guarantee from your DreamDek certified representative.

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 Quality, professional installation!

DreamDek is mixed on site and troweled by craftsmen to a uniform thickness over your new or existing surface to create a beautiful, seamless finish. It can be applied to angular surfaces, like coping around a pool.

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